French Montana and rapper Rob49 shot a music video at a spot called The Licking in Miami Gardens in January 2023 for their song “Igloo.”

Things were going seemingly well for the rappers, with French Montana celebrating the release of a new mixtape while shooting a video. However, when shots were fired during the video shoot, things took a turn. As a result, ten people were injured after the shooting. Now, it has been reported that French Montana was hit with a lawsuit related to the incident. The lawsuit claims that French Montana ordered a shift in the location of the video shoot after assailants allegedly robbed production staff across the street. A plaintiff in the lawsuit named Carl Leon says he was asked to be an extra for the video and was at the shoot with 80 or more crew members. According to Leon, an “unknown individual caused severe injury to multiple people, including the Plaintiff.” 

From there, the suit says it was concluded by the Miami Gardens police department that French Montana failed to get the necessary permits needed by Miami to make sure the video shoot set was safe and had protection from the cops. The suit filed by Leon’s lawyer Josiah Graham is asking for over $50,000 in damages due to negligence from the defendant.