Forbes states that they recorded 2,208 billionaires from 72 countries and territories for this year’s list.

Together, all of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs are worth $9.1 trillion. Out of all countries, Americans contributed the most billionaires with 585. China came in second with 373 billionaires. Hungary and Zimbabwe billionaires made the list for the first time.

Amazon founder and The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos took the list’s top spot for his first time, earning 112 billion dollars. He is the first billionaire on Forbes‘ list to earn over 100 million dollars. He grossed $39 billion last year, the list’s biggest one-year gain, propelling him past Bill Gates.

Following Bezos is Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bernard Arnault, and Mark Zuckerberg, rounding out the top five. This year there are 259 newcomers, largely due to the surge in cryptocurrency stock. 121 billionaires fell off the list from the previous year due to “falling fortunes or political headwinds,” including every Saudi Arabian that was featured.