Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury had their storied rematch, and it seems that Fury got the best of Wilder as Wilder’s team threw in the towel during the 7th round.

Fury made it known before the fight that he planned on attacking Wilder once they were in the ring, and ended up doing so as he knocked Wilder down twice during the bout. Fury ended up getting Wilder in the corner and delivered a set of punches that ultimately made Wilder’s team throw the towel.Wilder spoke on the fight, saying:

“I’m doing good. Things like this happen. The best man won tonight, but my corner threw in the towel, and I was ready to go out on my shield. I had a lot of things going on heading into this fight. It is what it is, but I make no excuses tonight. I just wish my corner would have let me go out on my shield.”