All hell broke loose when hundreds of looters pillaged and vandalized an Arco gas station near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue in Compton, California.

According to reports, the incident culminated from a series of street takeovers that became so massive over the weekend the local police lacked the manpower to shut them down completely.  Hence, once a group of spectators from the illegal street racing events realized the power in their numbers, they bum-rushed a gas station/food mart, making for an event that has been trending online ever since. The massive on-camera ransacking saw the store robbed of thousands of dollars in items such, such as cigarettes, condoms, snacks, and more. Although the scene was chaotic, some of the looters took an organized approach as they navigated their way around the store while their friends barked instructions on which merchandise to grab from outside the premise. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, at least 500 perpetrators were involved. A gas station clerk was present during this occurrence, but they remained hidden in the bathroom until it was over.