24 May

Cardi B Releases Video For “Be Careful”

That white wedding dress that Cardi B wore during her Saturday Night Live performance of “Be Careful” made all the more sense for fans who got a chance to check out the official video to the song upon its release.

With “Be Careful” being the most personal of Invasion of Privacy‘s four singles, anticipation was high for a premier that strayed from the gangster madam themes presented in the “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi” visuals. Director Jora Frantzis was successful in doing just that while salvaging the dynamics of Cardi’s edgy persona, by bringing a bit of femme fatale out of the Bronx rapper.

Inspired by the cautionary lyrics and tone of the track, Frantzis went with a bride-turned-widow concept that showed Cardi fantasizing about seeing her man in a casket just as soon as she sees him at the altar should he continue to play with her heart. Immediately after exchanging vows in the production, a Cardi double rolls up in all black and busts through the doors to stare down the wedding aisle at the groom laying in a coffin.

While the storyline and content of the writing differ from the 80’s classic, those who remember Guns N Roses’ “November Rain” video may see similarities in the setting and the angles the camera is positioned at to capture the mystique of a small church in the desert. Not to mention both videos toy with juxtaposing marriage with death.


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