Attorneys who are representing the family of Breonna Taylor say the young woman’s killing is being hidden from the public and swept under the rug by city officials like the Mayor of Louisville.

The Louisville Metro Police Department and the City of Louisville were supposed to issue documents to the attorneys that were crucial to Taylor investigation this past Friday, but no documents were given at all as of this past Monday. The lawyers asked for an official autopsy report, personnel files for the police involved Taylor’s death, and Mayor Greg Fischer’s internal communications about the situation as well. Taylor’s legal team says they’ve received none of the focus after a month of being stonewalled. The legal team says they believe an attempt is being made to cover up the situation.

The legal team gave a statement on the matter, saying, “We intend to seek all sanctions available for these blatant and willful violations of CR 45 (a KY subpoena rule). Meanwhile, we present this information so that the public is able to see the lengths that the city will go to in order to withhold the truth and keep Tamika Palmer from learning the facts surrounding her daughter’s murder.” Stay tuned for more updates in this situation.