Jada Pinkett-Smith recently sat down with Will Smith for a ‘Red Table Talk’ to address the allegations related to her and August Alsina’s involvement with one another.

During the conversation, Jada revealed that she and Alsina had a romantic relationship while she and Will were going through a temporary separation. The word Jada Pinkett-Smith used to describe the situation was “entanglement.” Now, August Alsina has dropped a song featuring Rick Ross that many are saying addresses he and Pinkett-Smith’s past. On the song, Alsina seemed to give specific details to what many are speculating may be about the time he spent with Jada Pinkett-Smith. Alsina said:

“I’m bein’ honest baby, don’t want no strings attached (Uh-uh) / You just want a n***a that’s gon’ break your back (Break your back) / I’m half? No, I ain’t ’bout to play with that (Play with that) / You left your man to f**k with me, just to pay him back / Don’t you know that’s cold hearted? / Once you gone, no comin’ back / Girl, you f**kin’ with a youngin’, I be doin’ shit he lack.”  Take A Listen.