According to reports, the Atlanta Falcons have become the first team in the NFL to reach a 100% vaccination rate for all players on the team.

The league revealed the news this past Monday night, and gave props to the Falcons for their efforts. A news release was issued by the team, who said β€œEach player will now enjoy the benefits of being able to work out and eat together. They won’t have to test daily, won’t have to wear masks around the facility and won’t have to quarantine following a close contact with someone who tests positive.”

The NFL Network noted that 91.7% of players in the NFL were fully vaccinated. Previously, a memo was issued in July 2021 to all 32 NFL teams noting that coronavirus can push games to be canceled. Along with that, the teams would be at risk for losing weekly checks, and also would have to forfeit games due to cancellations from COVID-19 outbreaks.