Hailing from Plateau-Mont-Royal, famed as one of Montreal’s cultural and artistic hubs, GePpetto came up as a DJ in the local scene.

He released several mixtapes consisting of exclusive remixes, and music from indie artists in Canada and the U.S. Aside from being a DJ, GePpetto keeps an ear for good music and is a talented composer who has produced genres of music such as Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B Soul, Pop, Dance, and House. With all the experience being in the music industry, GeP eventually started to delve into filming and directing music videos for artists that he’s worked with. To date, GeP has directed and produced several projects & Music Videos.


GePpetto Singles:



Booba x GePpetto x ShuntWokey – Tony Sosa (TRAP Mix) ***Audio***:


Hot Boy Turk x GePpetto – Pinocchio (Remix) ***Audio***: