Will Smith recently sat down with his King Richard co-stars Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney for Sway in the Morning.

During the interview, Sway asked Will if he had ever thought about doing a Verzuz battle, and Will revealed that he had. Sway’s co-host Heather B then told Will, “What’s dope about Will, though, Will and L was out when the era when it was the DJ and the rapper. It was Eric B. and Rakim, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. Everybody had their DJ so don’t let [DJ Jazzy] Jeff on the turntables.” Will agreed, telling Heather B, “That’s my secret weapon right there.”

Earlier this year, Fat Joe told Sway that LL Cool J was interested in doing a battle against Drake or Jay-Z. LL has yet to comment on doing a Verzuz battle.