Turk talked about coming back to VladTV, with Vlad noting how many waves the artist made since the last time.

Turk and Vlad addressed the clip titled around Turk saying he cheated on his girl in prison. The artist noted that he feels Vlad was doing his job, but also that the headline put on the video was “reaching,” and wondered why Vlad would put out what he considers to be a clickbait situation. Along with that, Turk went on to say he isn’t gay, and that he doesn’t have anything against people in the LGBTQ space. From there, Vlad gave insight into why the headline came about, and noted that he felt Turk was trolling based on his response. The two had a conversation following the interview where Vlad asked Turk if he wanted the title changed, and Turk went on to say he doesn’t troll.