Last month, Viacom announced they wereĀ discontinuing their relationshipĀ with Nick Cannon forĀ anti-semitic commentsĀ he made on hisĀ Cannon’s ClassĀ podcast.

Cannon responded to the company’s decision by demanding an apology and ownership ofĀ Wild ‘N Out. Cannon has sinceĀ apologized and decided to focus on “bringing people together and fighting bigotry, racism and hate.” Cannon has also engaged in dialogue with Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Rabbi Noam E. Marans. Chris McCarthy, president of entertainment and youth brands at ViacomCBS, complimented Cannon for trying to make amends and gain a better understanding of why his remarks were offensive.\When talking about the Viacomā€™s ability to connect storytelling and important social issues, McCarthy added:

“I am hopeful we find a way to bring these two things together and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do that with Nick again.”