Lil Xan has received a ton of heat after calling Tupac’s music boring during an interview.

Since then, Lil Xan was drawn the threats from Tupac fans, including a teen who approached him over the comments during a trip to Del Taco in his hometown of Redlands, California. The comments sparked a debate between older and new generation of hip-hop heads. Many of Lil Xan contemporaries, including Trippie Redd, jumped on social media defending Xan’s right to his own opinion.

However, older rap purist saw the comments as a diss to the rap legend. Michael Rapport laid into the young rapper, and Waka Flocka banned Xan from hip hop. T.I cosigned Waka’s sentiments, but in an interview with MTV News promoting the new Netflix mini-series Rapture, the southern rapper explained his belief that the new breed of hip-hop artists are disrespecting former acts to gain “respect.”

“The younger generation wants to be respected,” T.I said. “They feel that that respect comes from the disrespect of the former generation.”