It’s been years since audiences would see Jaleel White as his iconic character Steve Urkel.

The power of Urkel grabbed Snoop Dogg for a weed venture. Without having to ask anyone, “Did I do that?” Jaleel White whipped out his razor and his old Steve Urkel suit to film a fresh commercial with Snoop Dogg. Right on time for 420, the actor announced a new cannabis line called itsPurpl that includes one special namesake: PurpleUrkle. It’s part of his partnership with 710 Labs. White and Snoop Doog teamed up to do an ad that aired on Triller, a union that surprised fans of Family Matters and fans of Snoop. The spot features a clean-shaven White spinning around in a chair as Stevel Urkel, the faux CEO of Triller. And yes, the voice was on. After discussing Triller’s features, Urkel goes into a spiel about having his own line of cannabis products, and he cleverly used all the slang terms. And over on the PurpleUrkle Instagram page, Snoop Dogg recorded a quick video promoting the brand that includes Urkel’s face as its logo. There’s even one item dedicated to Stefan, Urkel’s alter-ego. On the itsPurpl website, White offered up a statement about his involvement with the company.