Former NFL player Chad Ochocinco suggested that Shannon Sharpe and Kim Kardashian would make a great match on his and Shannon’s “Nightcap” podcast.

However, Shannon quickly dismissed the idea, stating that both he and Kim have too much going on in their lives. Shannon praised Kim for being an outstanding businesswoman and acknowledged the success of her family, but emphasized that he has too much on his plate and prefers to live a private life. When asked if Shannon would say no to a date if Kim texted him, he humorously replied that he would first investigate who gave her his number since they do not travel in the same circles. But in reality, he acknowledged that Kim doesn’t need him, as there are plenty of young men out there who have dated her before. Shannon stated that he is currently focused on building his media company and giving it his full attention. While he didn’t completely rule out dating, his main priority at the moment is his professional endeavours.