The Weeknd’s HBO show ‘The Idol’ has gone viral for the mixed reviews of the series, with some fans and reviewers labeling the show “trauma porn.”

An alleged source close to The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez has revealed that the star thinks the similarities between her and Lily-Rose Depp’s “Jocelyn” character are “creepy.”

The Idol has to be one of the most criticized shows in the history of world television and one that right now holds the top spot. While it had been in the news ever since it first screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and was released on HBO Max a few days later. By now, we have seen multiple controversies about the show, the top most being the debate around the intimacy and the graphic nature of it. But the wildest of them all was the theory that said Lily-Rose Depp’s Jocelyn was written after Selena Gomez, who was dating The Weeknd in the past. The wild claims were substantiated by the fact that Selena Gomez was in the past was dating The Weeknd, and her life did hit a rough patch in that period. Many scenes in The Idol in many ways similar to how Gomez’s life unfolded in 2016-17. For example, the sequence of how Tedros, played by Tesfaye, is seen dressing up Jocelyn on the show, and the same was seen in real life when The Weeknd did the same to Gomez.