Legendary film director Quentin Tarantino said during a podcast interview that he kept a promise to his 12-year-old self that his mother would “never see one penny” from his success.

During a recent episode of “The Moment with Brian Koppelman,” Tarantino said he vowed to never support his mother financially after she discouraged his filmmaking dreams. The Hollywood legend admitted to being “officially known as the dumb kid in class” and only applying himself to subjects that interested him.

He said he often got in trouble in class for writing scripts instead of doing his school work. Not only were his teachers against his screenwriting, but his mother also expressed little hope in her son’s dreams of a career in film.

“My mom always had a hard time about my scholastic non-abilities,” said the director. “She was b****ing at me about something or other about that and in the middle of her little tirade, she said, ‘Oh, and by the way, this little ‘writing career’ — with the finger quotes and everything — this little ‘writing career’ that you’re doing? That s*** is over.'”

Tarantino continued by adding, “When she said that to me in that sarcastic way, I go, ‘Okay, lady, when I become a successful writer, you will never see penny one from my success. ‘There will be no house for you. There’s no vacation for you, no Elvis Cadillac for mommy. You get nothing because you said that.’ I helped her out of a jam with the IRS, but no house. No Cadillac, no house.”

He acknowledged that his mother’s refusal to encourage his career aspirations drove him to prove her wrong but when he was challenged for choosing not to financially support his mother, he responded, “There are consequences for your words as you deal with your children. Remember there are consequences for your sarcastic tone about what’s meaningful to them.”