What seems to be the transition of choice for many of the world’s celebrity elite, Pharrell Williams is the next to get involved in gastronomy.

As reported in the South Florida Business Journal, Pharrell’s Swan and Bar Bevy has been established in collaboration with nightclub mogul, David Grutman. Set to open amongst the bustle of Miami’s design district, in a 17,000 square foot space at 90 N.E. 39th St., Grutman is reported to have having said, “I think it’s going to the be the most beautiful restaurant in Miami,” based on Pharrell’s “great ideas and visions.”

In what is said to be the end of a now two-year-long collaborative endeavor, the Swan and Bar Bevy marks Pharrell’s first gastronomic venture (next to his Williams Family Kitchen line), and is scheduled to open in the fall of this year. For now, little else is known about the ventrue, but the website is already up and running, albeit emptily.