There’s a buzz about a Batman anime film in development called Batman Ninja. The film is being developed by screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima (Kill La Kill), director Jumpei Mizusaki (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), character designer Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai) and the English-language screenwriters Leo Chu and Eric Garcia (Supa Ninjas). They all appeared at a panel at NYCC this past weekend to talk about the movie.

They explained that Batman Ninja will feature several heroes and villains that will be traveling through time to battle. The story will be set in Japan and it will range from the middle ages to the modern day. CBM explains:
“The creators have all discussed how they wanted to have a balance of eastern and western sensibilities and that by having Batman serve as the western, the eastern would flow naturally into his surroundings. They strived to keep the personalities of each characters the same and not simply make them Japanese versions.”

As far as the designs go, they wanted them to appeal to all audiences and when animating the fight sequences they filmed real martial artists first to help them develop a more fluid motion with the animation. It’s also said that the style of the film has “a meshed tech and a Feudal Japan feel to it.” They also have a voice cast for the film, but they are keeping the cast under wraps for now.

They also showed some awesome footage that included featuring Batman and Joker with katanas as they were fighting on a rooftop. I’d love to see this footage so I hope they release something online soon!