Time to break out the Dungeons & Dragons dice and hair combs because the official Stranger Things 4 trailer is upon us.

As previously revealed, Stranger Things 4 will be broken up into two parts, making it the longest season to date. Volume I picks up six months after the events of Season 3, which saw our favourite supernatural-fighting teens facing off with the Mindflayer in the middle of Starcourt Mall. The upcoming season will have the showโ€™s central players in various locations all over the world, each entrenched in their own terrifying nightmare.

Throughout the three-minute clip, we get a glimpse of all the characters we know and love as they navigate their new lives: Hopper (David Harbour) in snowy Russia, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) with the Byers family in California and the rest of the gang back home in Hawkins โ€” where something dark and sinister is brewing. โ€œA war is coming,โ€ a voice tells us, adding that everyone in Hawkins is essentially in โ€œthe eye of the storm.โ€ Uh-oh.