Kanye West’s interview onĀ Drink ChampsĀ has dominated social media for the past few weeks after the rapper made a number of remarks about rap peers, includingĀ Big Sean,Ā Talib Kweli, andĀ Soulja Boy.

While the interview didn’t repair Kanye’s image in the eyes of the three music artists, N.O.R.E. believes his two-part interview has influenced people to “love Kanye again.”

“I’ve done something that no record label no women no culture can do????” N.O.R.E. wrote on Twitter. “I got people to love Kanye again @kanyewest Real talk!”

While the first part of the interview found Kanye diss Big Sean, Talib Kweli, andĀ Just Blaze, he also explained why he took Soulja Boy’s verse off ofĀ Donda. In the second part of the interview, Kanye addressed his relationship with Kim Kardashian and talked about Nike, Drake, and Jay-Z. Since its airing, theĀ Drink ChampsĀ interview with Kanye West is on pace to become the podcast’s biggest interview to date.