Marvel is gearing up for the release of their latest superhero flick, ‘Eternals,’ featuring an all-star cast of actors.

While many are anticipating the movie, it was noted the film was pulled from theaters in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait for including a gay superhero. The move by Marvel’s cinematic universe to include a superhero from the LGBTQ community was the first gesture of the legendary brand’s kind and found Brian Tyree Henry playing the role of Phastos. Henry’s role in the film sees him taking part in the MCU’s first same-sex kiss. As a result of the moment on-screen, the Gulf nations previously mentioned banned the film ahead of the November 11 release.

The Oscar-winning director of the film—Chloé Zhao was reportedly asked to deliver a series of edits by local censors in order for the film to run in the conservative Gulf nations. However, Disney would not budge on making the edits.