Comedian Luenell reacted to the shocking revelations about Diddy and Cassie’s wild lifestyle.

The discussion began with tales of East Coast gangster Eric Von Zip and his connections within the hip-hop world, including relationships with Diddy’s family. As the story unfolded, it took a dark turn, detailing alleged drug-fueled escapades. Vlad shared accounts of Diddy and Cassie’s notorious three to four-day binges in luxurious hotels, involving male escorts, drugs, and subsequent recovery sessions involving IV drips. Reports from individuals close to the duo suggested that such binges were a regular occurrence and ultimately led both to struggle with drug addiction. Luenell noted the seedy nature of these revelations, drawing contrasts with her own less extreme experiences from her past. She expressed disbelief and a sense of sadness over how deep the couple had fallen into a “dark, seedy world.”