An explosive musician, he was known for blending elements of punk, R&B, and metal as the artist XXXTentacion​​. 

This early glimpse of his life is one of the many moments that are now forever frozen in time after he was killed in 2018 at the age of 20. We hear him talk about how his favourite Disney character is the blue alien Stitch, complete with a stuffed animal that he holds up for us to see. It then cuts to him frankly discussing his internal strife followed by a pledge of how he is hoping to turn a corner in his life after making many mistakes.

The documentary is a look back through time that is multilayered in how grapples with the complicated mourning of his passing, while also grieving for the person he could have been who didn’t continue to hurt others. We see him grow as a famous artist who meant a lot to people that also had a darkness in him. Look at Me operates as a comprehensive biography that never falls into hagiography, unflinchingly showing all the flaws of the man behind the music. It is a film that has the courage to not take the easy way out of its story, serving as a portrait of a deeply troubled person, the pain he inflicted, and the future he was hoping to experience.