Lil Bibby came through for another VladTV interview, and this time around he managed to get DJ Vlad to do a very rare on-camera appearance.

Since it had been some years since his last interview, Bibby shared his story from the beginning, growing up in Chicago and seeing his peers getting attention in the rap world. Seeing them get some success, Bibby decided to start rapping, but he admits that he was never chasing fame. Lil Bibby went on to speak about signing Juice Wrld after his brother showed Bibby his music, and he knew the late artist would be huge after hearing “Lucid Dreams.” Bibby detailed his relationship with Juice Wrld, which he said was often complicated by Juice Wrld’s drug use, and Bibby explained how he tried to get him to go to rehab and get clean. Bibby then got emotional while speaking about Juice Wrld’s death and going to his funeral, which was the first time he had been to a funeral in years, despite losing a lot of friends.