Kanye West was recently in the news after it was revealed that he and Kim Kardashian were getting a divorce.

Sources close to the rapper say that he allegedly feels his 2020 presidential run cost him his marriage. Now, news has surfaced as to how much West actually spent during his attempt to become President of the United States. A report from the Federal Election Commission says that West reportedly spent $13.2 million on the run, with $12.5 million coming out of his own pocket. The FEC said West spent $7.5 million on fees that were related to getting his name on the ballot in different states and over $210,000 for a two-page ad in the New York Times. Along with that, West dropped $918,130 one week out from the election on campaign apparel.

West reportedly raised over $2 million in outside donations, but his efforts were not enough for him to achieve his goal. West struggled to make the ballots in various states, and he only garnered 66,000 votes nationally, according to the FEC.