Jermaine Dupri recently sat down with DJ Clue for an interview, and Clue asked him about a cassette that Jermaine let him listen to years ago of an unheard Biggie track. 

DJ Clue stated that he tried his best to get the cassette from JD, who told him at the time that he “couldn’t find it.” However, Jermaine told DJ Clue in the sit-down, “I can find it,” and JD went on to explain that he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s “gaining anything off BIG from that.” 

From there, Jermaine revealed that he also has an unreleased Jay-Z track that they did before their smash hit, “Money Ain’t a Thang.” Speaking more about the Biggie track, Jermaine then added, “I told Puff I’m gonna drop it if we ever do a Verzuz.”