Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Bezos, and Lauren Sanchez were all in attendance at this past weekend’s LACMA Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles.

Video footage of the three interacting went viral for a reason other than the star power in the shot. Viewers of the footage couldn’t help but notice Sanchez, who’s Bezos’ girlfriend, staring and appearing to be mesmerized by Leo’s presence. As the actor spoke to the Amazon founder and the news anchor, Sanchez’s smile never left as she gazed at the Oscar winner. As the clip circulated across social media,Ā Barstool SportsĀ posted the clip on Twitter and wrote, “Leo is Mr. Steal Yo Girl.”

Bezos and Sanchez have publicly dated since 2019 after Bezos announced hisĀ divorceĀ from his wife MacKenzie Bezos. Bezos and Sanchez’s relationship reportedly started off as professional before turning romantic after Sanchez split from her husband in 2018.