Jeezy has announced that he has a new partnership deal with Freddie Figgers and Figgers Communications as they try to democratize access to quality technology. Their first collaborative effort comes with the F3 cell phone and F-Bud earpods.

Speaking about the new venture, Jeezy said:

“There was a point in my life where I wasn’t able to pay the phone bill, […] Now as a businessman and entrepreneur to be able to partner with Freddie, someone who overcame similar life obstacles, and to give people more access to handheld technology at an affordable price, it’s a truly blessing.”

Freddie Figgers also spoke about the partnership, stating:

“As the youngest African-American to own and operate an independent, U.S. based telecommunications company, I built Figgers Communications on the premise that telecommunications access should be attainable for everyone, […] The Jeezy/Figgers Wireless partnership is a natural evolution of two men who experienced some of the same challenges during our upbringing but rose above those circumstances to make our mark.”

The F3 cell phone is currently available for $449 and the F-Bud earpods retail at $49.