Fat Joe recently released his memoir, The Book of Jose, where he addressed his beef with 50 Cent in the mid-2000s. 

Joe recalled how a tense encounter with Fif at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards led to him losing a $20 million deal with Jordan Brand. In the book Joe detailed their back and forth at the awards show, which was in full view of the audience, and he went on to speak about when cameras cut to a commercial break. ‘During the commercial break beforehand, 50 Cent got out of his seat and started walking the house. He went up to the audience in the cheap seats and started waving to me. It was like he was daring me to get off the stage and physically confront him. Then he went down to the floor and started slapping fives with JAY-Z and Diddy.

“He was really trying to antagonize me as I was standing there waiting to speak on the mic but I wasn’t trying to pay him no mind. Then 50 actually came onstage for a few seconds. He stood several feet away from me. I was saying to myself, Okay, we’re about to fight. We’re about to get it on right here at the VMAs.

‘When the show came back on — this is live TV, mind you — he went back to his seat. The G-Unit started yelling at me while I’m reading off the teleprompter. The Terror Squad, offstage in the wings, started barking back. That’s when I dropped my jab: ‘I feel safe with all the police protection courtesy of G-Unit.'” 

Fat Joe went on to reveal that police were able to separate G-Unit and Terror Squad before an altercation broke out after the show. However, damage from the recorded footage and rumors about the tension between the two camps led to Michael Jordan calling up Fat Joe to tell him that their deal was off.

Fat Joe wrote, “Me and Michael Jordan are actual friends. I met with him six times going over designs for the Fat Joe Jordan. Some of those meetings were literally just me and him, brainstorming, bouncing ideas off each other. But after the VMAs, Mike deaded the deal.”

Fat Joe then recalled the phone call with Jordan, “‘You know I love you, Big Joe, but you’re too hot right now,’ he told me on a phone call. ‘I wanted to do it, but I’m not into all that rap beef. With all this controversy, we can’t do the sneaker anymore.'” 

Fat Joe went on to speak about ending his beef with 50 Cent after their mutual friend Chris Lighty passed away. Joe explained that they were set to perform with Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and others for a tribute to Chris at the 2012 BET Awards. Fat Joe explains:

“I performed and 50 ends up performing right after me and he stops right next to me, and he puts his hands out and he says: ‘Peace for Chris Lighty’ … And I said: ‘Peace.’ I shook his hand, and we’ve been brothers ever since.”