Young Thug just dropped his latest EP, On The Rvn, which features a remake of the classic 1972 Elton John track “Rocket Man.”

Thugger’s remix “High” received high praise from Elton John himself who played the track on his Beats1 show. Elton John typically steers clear of playing his own music or renditions of it during his show but was so enamored by Thug’s remix that he couldn’t resist. “Young Thug, who I love and have met. He dropped a track. It’s a remix of ‘Rocket Man,’ said Elton John.

“And I don’t usually play my own stuff on this show but this is so cool and so good. These things are the great surprises in what I do. Sometimes you hear something that you never knew was going to happen or never thought was going to happen in a million years.”