14 Jul

Drake & DJ Paul’s “Talk Up” Collaboration Was Made Possible By Drake’s Mother

Mother knows best.

Sometimes, a little networking goes a long way. While there’s no doubt that Drake is well familiar with the works of Three 6 Mafia legend DJ Paul, for whatever reason, a working relationship was never quite established. At least, not until the pair linked up for Scorpion cut “Talk Up,” which featured the talents of Jay-Z.

After catching up with TMZ, Paul kicks things off by reflecting on his first collaboration with Jay, describing it as a “dream come true.” Plus, the look definitely proved beneficial for his bank accounts, as Paul teases a few “six figure deals” he signed earlier this week. Citing the “Drake effect,” Paul explains that teaming up with Drizzy “really set it off, and put the awareness all the way out there.” Still, Paul isn’t ready to sugarcoat his own accomplishments, recognizing that many current producers have been returning to the sound he helped pioneer.

After showing Drizzy some love, Paul proceeds to explain how the song came to be in the first places. “The funny thing how that happened is I ran into Drake’s mom. Drake’s mom is my neighbor. She told Drake, “I met this really nice guy named DJ Paul.” I been knowing Drake forever, out of sight out of mind, but he probably thought about it like “God Damn, Paul do have some hard-ass beats.” Me and Drake been talking about getting together forever but we never did it. When she ran into me in the neighborhood, I was going for a walk, he probably thought about it like “I should hit up Paul.” He hit me up on Instagram at 4 in the morning.”


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