DJ Envy sat down for an in-depth interview where he discussed infamous moments on the ‘Breakfast Club.’

The essential question raised was who had the better Soulja Boy interview – Breakfast Club or VladTV? Both shows had breakthrough moments that went viral, like the memorable Soulja Boy Challenge that went mainstream after the Vlad TV interview. But DJ Envy gave credit to Vlad for that one. He delved into the unpredictability of their interviews, noting that they would never know what would trigger their guests. Envy also recalled the infamous Birdman walkout, attributing the incident to Birdman’s annoyance at Charlemagne and revealing how he had since apologized. He continued to discuss whether Birdman is the greatest hip-hop music executive of all time, with names like Nicki Minaj and Drake playing a crucial role in this decision. However, he also mentioned Jay-Z in the conversation as he, too, had pivotal artist discoveries.