In a recent interview, radio personality Envy spoke about 50 Cent and the recent incident in which 50 Cent accidentally hit a Power 106 host, Bryhana Monegain, with a thrown chair during a concert.

Envy expressed his belief that the incident was purely accidental, stating that 50 Cent is known for being a caring person despite his tough online persona. Envy mentioned that he hadn’t spoken to 50 Cent directly, as he is currently on tour, but believes that 50 Cent would take responsibility for the incident and ensure that the fan is taken care of. When asked about the fan pressing charges, Envy emphasized that it is not for him or anyone to say if it is fair, as they do not know the extent of her injuries. However, Envy expressed his confidence that 50 Cent would handle the situation appropriately and take care of any financial responsibilities that may arise from it.