During a recent interview on “The CEO Show,” Dame Dash revealed what it would take to sit down and speak to Jay Z about resolving their issues. 

Speaking about their differences, Dame explained, “When I look at what happened between me and JAY, it’s like I blame JAY for letting it happen, but all the people that really made it happen are the ones that are… benefiting from him the most now. I was stopping them from getting money. My friendship comes before the business. Either way, unless [JAY-Z] was down with it, then it wouldn’t [have] happened.” 

Dame went on to speak about why they’ve not had that conversation, stating, “Where I’m at now is that if Roc-A-Fella and the ones that weren’t billionaires want to get money on the right terms, I’m down. I’m telling you publicly I will [have the conversation]. And I’ve never not said that. But Jay’s never had that accountability to have that real conversation with me.