Next March, Walt Disney Pictures will release a live-action version of the most beloved fairytale ever made, Snow White.

The story was originally penned by The Brothers Grimm, a famed sibling duo from Germany, during the early 1810s but was popularized globally when Disney reimagined it with a 2D cartoon in 1937 called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Although the story has been revised throughout history, the damsel in distress has always been presented as a fair-skinned young woman.

However, when Disney published the movie trailer for the latest rendition of Snow White in June, some fans reacted unfavorably to seeing Colombian American actress Rachel Zegler donning the blue bodice, white collar, yellow skirt, and puffed sleeves that the classic protagonist made famous several generations ago. In the past month, Zelger has received backlash that is somewhat remindful of the criticism Halle Bailey garnered immediately after the movie trailer for Disney’s remake of Little Mermaid hit the internet.