Reports have circulated noting that Ludacris’s manager Chaka Zulu fired back at least one shot during the incident.

Police say Chaka Zulu was seen firing a shot back at his assailant sustaining a gunshot wound himself. 

Per TMZ: 

in the video, Chaka and the other man start exchanging words, but things escalate, and the conversation becomes visually more intense … all while the other man allegedly keeps his hand on and around his waistband. […] One guy in the group makes his way between 2 vehicles, produces a gun, and fires at least 2 shots. Our sources say Chaka, who was also armed, can then be seen getting back on his feet and firing at least one shot in return.

Sources say Chaka Zulu was shot at least once and the bullet entered near his heart. He remains in critical condition following the incident.