The story of Cardi B is a come up story unlike any other… a stripper from the Bronx to one of, if not the most popular artists of this generation.

She has climbed to the top of the charts, broken records and taken home awards. She had been involved in a highly publicized marriage and the birth of daughter kulture. She’s taken the stage on television’s most prestigious shows bringing them in record breaking records and all the while she acted as an ambassador for the talent coming up off of social media.

Not only has Cardi B given the world bangers like Bodak Yellow, Finesse and MotorSport, she’s also spawned millions of meme’s and given the world plenty of catchphrases. It was her candid and honest personality, her embracing all the realities of herself during her come up which made her America’s sweetheart over night and an artist who won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.