Boosie came through for yet another VladTV interview, and he started off speaking about his new album, “Heartfelt”.

Boosie then detailed how artists have shied away from him since he got backlash for his back-and-forth with Lil Nas X, and he also stated that people not being proud of his success are just haters. From there, Boosie revealed that he has a pay-per-view coming out on March 16, which will be called “Boosie Gone Bad,” and he explained that it will feature him with a bunch of women. Boosie also addressed the L.A. Rams playing his hit song “Set It Off” when they came out on the field for the Super Bowl, and he went on to share his thoughts on the game. Other highlights of the interview includes Boosie sharing his thoughts on DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s brother getting in a fight, Baby Blue’s recent VladTV interview, and Boosie also spoke about one of his nephews wrecking his truck.