It appears that Cosby has agreed to make an appearance in a Memphis rapper’s music video for a track titled “The Cosby Dance.”

When speaking about his upcoming appearance in rapper Memphis Jelks’ video for “The Cosby Dance,” Cosby issued a statement to Radar Online, saying, “The greatest legacy one can pass down to their children and grandchildren is not money nor material goods, but a legacy of truth and facts. They [media] removed The Cosby Show, A Different World, and many of my Honorary Degrees.” Cosby went on to note that once his sexual assault charges were overturned in June 2021, the court “restored those feeling and memories, when they vacated my conviction, due to the egregious violation of my constitutional rights.”

Cosby’s statement also found him saying he feels honored Memphis Jelks created a song about him. The statement from Cosby went on to point out the rapper, saying, “Now, comes a prolific rapper, Memphis Jelks, who adds to the restoration of my legacy with a powerful new song called, ‘The Cosby Dance’ Hey, Hey, Hey — Far From Finished.”