It wasn’t that long ago when Bernie Sanders was blazing the 2016 presidential trail, campaigning from city to city across America without taking a single endorsement or campaign dollar from any major corporation and inspiring millennials and older generations alike in an attempt to unite and move the nation forward post the Barack Obama-era. Well, it looks like the masses may be able to ‘Feel The Bern’ once again during the 2020 presidential election.

The Democratic party was split in half as many rallied around both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, causing a rift between those following politics during the election season. Many thought Sanders’ rhetoric and policies were too socialistic, unfeasible, and viewed him as too weak to run the country.

Now, Sanders currently leads in the polls over Donald Trump which gives Sanders and his associates the incentive to hit the campaign trail once again during the 2020 presidential election. This past Saturday, Sanders gathered his group of political advisors in Washington for a planning meeting that hinted at the possibility of Sanders of becoming a candidate once again.