In November 2020, news surfaced noting that Benny The Butcher was shot while at a Walmart in Houston after he was approached by a group of men while getting out of his Rolls Royce.

The men reportedly demanded that Benny and his team give up all their cash and money, but Benny refused and decided to flee, according to reports. Because of that, the men fired at him and ended up hitting the rapper. Benny thankfully survived the incident and made a full recovery, and no was else was harmed. Now, Benny has spoken on the incident in detail. While on the ‘Big Facts’ podcast, the rapper explained what really happened, saying, “I had just split up with some n***as that I was with. We were going to a party. I had just grabbed crazy s**t from the mall and I needed some under clothes. I needed some wife beaters and s**t.”