Adam22 recently survived a scary moment on his No Jumper podcast, when an unidentified man threatened him with a gun to his face midway through the live stream.

In the footage that’s now circulating online, the host appears to be getting into a meal as he accepts artists’ donations, when the armed man comes into the camera to demand all his money while asking him if he “wants to die right now.”

From there, the host nervously laughs as he’s able to wrestle with the armed man off camera, who was then allegedly restrained by security or other bystanders who roughed him up and eliminated the threat. “I almost shot this f****** dude,” someone in the background can be heard saying, prior to Adam22 coming back on screen to express his apparent disbelief over the incident.

“Holy s***,” he said about having a gun pulled out on him just moments prior, before asking “Why didn’t he shoot?” At that point, the host revealed the perpetrator was now “out cold,” and the stream would have to be cut off while they called the police. Meanwhile, in a separate video posted online, you can see the alleged gunman laying on the ground seemingly dazed as he continued to get kicked, as Adam22 appeared to take the moment all in stride by making jokes about the incident soon afterward on Twitter.