The Hippopotamus has one of the strongest bites among all animals, with a PSI (pound-force per square inch) that ranks second behind Alligators.

In the wild, Territorial Bulls are the alphas amongst hippos who typically rule over their own zone of water (which is usually about 100 yards) consisting of a group of cows and babies. Territorial bulls can be extremely dangerous. If provoked, they’ll kill females, babies, and one another. They’re also no strangers to killing humans. According to reports, hippos cause over 500 human deaths annually in a wide range of incidents, including boat charging. A zookeeper in Changsha City, China, came dangerously close to becoming one of the unlucky 500 this year when he attempted to enter an area designated for hippos to break up a fight between two Territorial Bulls. This resulted in a close encounter with the jaws of the mammal, with the second-strongest bite on the planet.