Yung Joc reacted to Amber Rose’s ex, AE, dating Cher, who is 40 years older, and Joc explained that he thinks that older white celebs are living out their truths.

Joc pointed to Madonna, Cher, and Kris Jenner, and he believes that they want young Black men. From there, Yung Joc explained that he’s had a lot of older white women come on to him, and Joc stated that if he wasn’t married and Cher came on to him, he’d go for it. Yung Joc also stated that he thinks Drake would’ve gone for Madonna if she didn’t try to kiss him in public. Yung Joc and Shawn Prez got into a debate about the motive behind these rich women, and Shawn asked Yung Joc what he would do if Halle Berry approached him. Yung Joc explained that he’s happily married to an attorney, and he stated that he’d heard rumors about Halle being a little crazy.