While on Big Boy’s Neighbourhood, X talked about how Dre can be a perfectionist in the studio, speaking on the work they did for his song “Multiply,” mentioning a specific bar.  

Xzibit’s career has seen him doing everything from music to movies, with his music taking him on a journey with the likes of producers like Dr. Dre. While working with Dre, X noted the producer made him re-do a line in one of his songs hundreds of times. 

“That took me about two-three hours to get that line, Because he wanted me to sound like a down-south preacher…” said the rapper. He then recited the line “I been this way and I can’t stop,” before saying Dre wasn’t feeling his inflection. “No. I couldn’t understand why or where he was trying to take me, but I wasn’t fighting. He sat there patiently with me like, ‘Nope, try it again,’” said. He didn’t get there doing nothing. I thought I nailed it — dropped the headphones, done. No. I trust him and I respect him immensely. Being able to be in that position as he feels your art is good enough to be in his universe is dope.”