Today will likely be dedicated to tribute and memorial posts throughout the industry on behalf of Nipsey Hussle’s sudden passing, and the significant loss has even led to some of the pioneers in hip-hop to pay their respects and share wisdom on where the culture should go from here.

“They got Nip…” Willie D of the Geto Boys said to his following on social media, describing him as “a man that made it out, went back, and helped as many people as he could.” From there, he simply stated that “we are at war,” and that we need to protect our good soldiers at all costs.

Elsewhere, he suggested that it was time for the community to look within, adding that “We can’t afford any more enemies and we need to get rid of the bad elements that bring harm to our communities, both externally and internally, they got to go, all of em.”

Willie D then reflected on the character of Nipsey Hussle, describing him as “solid, self-made, consistent, and just an all around good dude.” He then concluded his thoughts by saying that he doesn’t know exactly what happened but he’s certain that a man of Nipsey’s integrity didn’t deserve to be killed, before ending the stream by stating: “RIP Nipsey Hussle, we’ve got to do better.”


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#WillieD speaks on the passing of #NipseyHussle

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