Ever since he made his account, the Oscar-nominated actor has been having more and more fun sharing his life with his followers. It first started with his struggle on how to use the camera. Then led to trolling his son Jaden’s “Icon” music video. Now, he can’t get enough of pranking his friend and posting the reactions.

Will follows his buddy, Scotty, around in what seems to be a new series to come called, “Scaring Scotty.” The funniest part is that the pranks aren’t even intricate, well-thought-out, elaborate schemes. Smith is merely just jumping out from behind corners, screaming his name, and catching the poor victim off-guard. It was even shown, in one clip, that Scotty was so surprised he jumped straight into fight-mode not knowing what was going on. For some reason, no matter how many times it’s done, the freakout of profanities and yelps never gets old. Especially for Will who dies of laughter every single time.

#WillSmith plays prank on his Scotty; scares him multiple times

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