24 Apr

Will Smith on Meeting Michael Jackson Because of Suge Knight

Will Smith has mastered the social media realm at the age of 49-years-old and shows no signs of slowing down in regards to not being able to adapt to the entertainment climate or relate to youth culture.

With Will Smith being more relevant than ever despite not putting out major bodies of content or work on the strength of his personality and social media accounts, the Smith family has the opportunity to benefit with the head of the household becoming more active on social media platforms.

This time around, Will Smith took to his personal YouTube page to post the story about the only time he met the King of Pop, Michael Jackson in a segment entitled STORYTIME. In comedic fashion, the Fresh Prince described in detail how the encounter took place. While at the 2003 BET Awards, Will Smith feared that he wouldn’t be able to meet his musical idol and attempted to get close to the “Dirty Diana” singer prior to presenting an award. Unfortunately, Will was forced to evacuate the area due to the arrival of Suge Knight, ended up in a utility closet, only to turn around to the voice of none other than Michael Jackson.

The two went on to speak on Suge Knight’s erratic behavior and his interest in comic books until their short time in the custodial room was cut short by MJ’s security. Both Smith’s Michael Jackson impression, Gucci cardigan, and enthusiasm for life and happiness are all on point. With that said, check out the clip for yourself in the video above.

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