In Whoopi Goldberg’s return to The View on Monday, she unveiled a piece of new jewelry that she’s been wearing in honor of the Montgomery brawl. 

“I have to lead this off,” Goldberg began, “by saying we do not condone violence on this show. … But there was a story that happened last month in Montgomery, Alabama where a riverboat captain [with] 227 passengers was trying to dock his boat in the spot he’s supposed to be in. The co-captain, who happened to be Black, went to confront this pontoon boat that was in the way. … So a fight ensued and something happened that we have not seen.”

Goldberg continued, “Black people came out of nowhere. We dropped out of the sky. It was crazy. … The memes are off the hook. I am wearing a folding chair.”

Needless to say, the folding chair necklace was a hit among a certain segment of the population while condemned by another.